Surgery & Anaesthesia

Surgery is one of our most important activities.
We give it the very utmost of our care and attention every day. Since 2001, more than 20 years of experience.

  • Dr. José Ortega and Dr. María Jesús Alcaide are specialists in Animal Surgery from the University of Cordoba.
  • For over 20 YEARS we have been developing our work in the field of Surgery.
  • Our training is ongoing. Throughout the year there are many courses and masters in surgery and medicine that we attend for the purposes of maintaining our high level of surgical and medicinal expertise.


  • Thoracic surgery: diaphragmatic hernia, neoplasms, pulmonary resection, pleural effusion, pulmonary abscesses and obstructions, pneumothorax, hemothorax etc.
  • Intestinal surgery: enterotomy, enterectomy, foreign bodies, intestinal anastomosis, enteroplicature, colorectal surgery, subtotal colectomy, neoplasms etc.
  • Gastric surgery: foreign bodies, gastrostomy, gastrectomy, pyloroplasty, gastric neoplasm, dilation of stomach, gastric torsion, gastropexy, etc.
  • Hepatic surgery and surgery of the biliary system: neoplasms, hepatectomy, hepatic biopsies, gallstones, cholecystectomy, etc.
  • Surgery on female reproductive and genital systems: breast neoplasm, uterine neoplasm, pyometra, uterine-vaginal prolapse, planned and emergency caesareans, lateral ovariohysterectomy, tubal ligation, episioplasty etc.
  • Surgery on male reproductive and genital systems: vasectomy, orchiectomy, phimosis, reconstruction of penis, neoplasms, etc.
  • Renal surgery: nephrectomy, kidney stones, gallstones, neoplasms, etc.
  • Urethral surgery: prescrotal, scrotal and perineal urethrestomy, urethral gallstones, etc.
  • Surgery of the urinary bladder: cystotomy, cystectomy, colposuspension, vesical gallstones, feline urological syndrome, neoplasms, etc.
  • Surgery of the upper respiratory system: nasal stenosis, soft palate, laryngeal collapse, brachycephalic syndrome, neoplasms, etc.
  • Rectal and perianal surgery: perineal hernia, fistulas, rectal prolapse, anal sac neoplasm, neoplasms, etc.
  • Hemolymphatic system: lymphoedema, splenic neoplasm, splenic obstruction, partial and total splenectomy, etc.
  • Surgery of the oral cavity: Cleft palate, oronasal fistula, mucous cyst, neoplasms, etc.
  • Eye surgery: entropion, ectropion, third eyelid prolapse, proptosis, nucleation, neoplasms, etc.
  • Ear surgery: aural hematoma, otitis, ablation of the auditory canal, Zepp’s technique, osteotomy of the tympanic bulla, foreign bodies, neoplasms, etc.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Traumatology and orthopaedics: torn cranial cruciate ligament, torn posterior cruciate ligament, partial meniscectomy, total meniscectomy, luxating patella, hip dysplasia, fractures, etc.

Surgery room at VET & VET


Once we have decided that your animal needs surgery to improve its health or to survive a serious illness, we take the following steps:

We explain to the owner what type of surgery is to be undertaken, the advantages for the animal and the complications it may have. We answer your questions.
We perform a physical examination of the animal. Prior to surgery we always recommend a series of tests, known as anaesthesia tests or pre-surgical study. In it we include a complete blood count and full biochemistry, x-rays of the heart and lungs and an electrocardiogram.


We draw up a personalised anaesthetic protocol, specific to each patient. We only use the best and the safest anaesthetic products in order to provide great quality anaesthesia. During anaesthesia, the patient will be intubated at all times, receiving oxygen through a concentrator, and monitoring its vital signs at all times, such as cardiac activity, pulmonary activity, blood pressure, etc.

Recovery from the anaesthetic takes place in a calm environment, with oxygen mask, cardiac monitor, infrared to control body temperature and supervised at all times by vets.

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