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Acupuncture in “Rolo”. Alternative management in a complicated case.

“Rolo” is a 9 years old male Dachshund who was not able to move after a short walk . He used to walk every night around his house, but that day happened something unpredictable.

When arriving home, he couldn´t move his hind legs. The owners took him to his regular vet, who diagnosed a spine problem. After some tests the final results lead to slipped disk.  Not just 1, but 3 vertebraes were affected.

“Rolo” passed through different vets and medical treatments were tried – owners couldn´t afford the surgery –

But he didn´t improved and still couldn´t move  his legs at all  after 4 weeks of trials.

At that moment, they decided to come to us for another medical opinion.

After studying  Rolo´s situation, we proposed him for ACUPUNCTURE + HERBALS treatment.

Rolo at VET & VET


After just 3 acupuncture sessions, owners tell us he tried to walk as never before.

1 month later he could stand on his 4 legs, and after 2 months he could walk as usual, fully recovered.

Nowadays, Rolo visits us once every 3 weeks for medical check up. He is now able to run and jump.

This is a  clear case of managing a very serious disease managed in a natural way with success. Rolo can now enjoy life as he used to.

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