Natural food

A healthy diet is the foundation upon which we build health.

Alimentación Natural

We offer advice on feeding species-suitable natural diets, as the basis of a health programme (nutritional therapy) and as part of the holistic approach to a case. The same principles apply, whatever the species. Only the detail is adapted to each species. Healing depends upon nutrition as the safe foundation and we believe there is no such thing as good medicine without good nutrition.

We practise holistic veterinary medicine; advising on natural nutrition is an integral part of that approach whenever we are confronted with a sick animal.

Diet is an important consideration in the care of a pet and is a major factor in the health and LIFE EXPECTANCY.

Our recipes are provided for making home-prepared diets for both healthy pets and pets with special conditions. Our many years experience in the field and sophisticated computer programs make our diets balanced and complete, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials ( AAFCO ) guidelines.

  • diets for healthy dog or cat
  • diets for senior pets
  • food intolerance and allergy
  • obesity
  • joint desease
  • diets for gastrointestinal disease
  • diets for renal disease
  • diets for skin disease
  • diets for heart disease
  • diets for hepatic disease
  • diet and Cancer

Natural medicine