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holistic clinic

We are the first veterinary clinic with acupuncture, medicinal herbs, organic foods…

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We combine the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies.

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Surgery & Anaesthesia

Surgery is one of our most important activities. We give it the very utmost of our care.

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We visit homes throughout the whole of the Costa del Sol: Marbella,Mijas,Sotogrande ... etc.

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Animal Hospital

At Vet & Vet, we know that each animal is unique — just like each person is — and as such has unique needs.

For this reason, we draw on a variety of treatment modalities, not just one, to design the best wellness plan for each animal. We offer: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbal therapy, Holistic veterinary medicine as well as Nutritional therapy. The best possible tools to use when treating your special animal, whether for illness or in preventative care.

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Integrative Medicine

In addition to these Alternative veterinary medicine modalities, we utilize conventional veterinary medical treatments when appropriate for the individual animal.

Everything is determined on a case by case basis. Working closely with the guardian, we tailor individual treatment plans to suit the needs of each patient as the unique and special beings that they are. We can begin treatment in the quiet setting of our clinic in Málaga or in the comfort of a house call appointment. Either way, we hope to establish a treatment program that is supportive, gentle, and leads to full health.

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Cases and articles

Cannabis for pet´s health.

Cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries. In fact, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes can be traced back to ancient civilizations in China, the Netherlands, and Greece, among others. However, only recently have scientists began to document its… leer más

Nutritional Pharmacology. Cannabis as a therapeutic agent

What is Nutritional Pharmacology? Back in the 1980s, a scientist at Syntex Research in Palo Alto, California by the name of Gene A. Spiller defined nutritional pharmacology as: “The study of substances found in foods that might have a desired… leer más

Acupuncture in “Rolo”. Alternative management in a complicated case.

“Rolo” is a 9 years old male Dachshund who was not able to move after a short walk . He used to walk every night around his house, but that day happened something unpredictable. When arriving home, he couldn´t move his hind legs.… leer más